5 Reasons To Love Homeschooling

reasons to love homeschooling learning at home canada

Learning at home isn't always the best choice for every family. As with so many things in life, it's one of those decisions that you need to weigh a variety of your own unique family's pros and cons to the situation, and try to push aside the criticism of whatever your choice has been. There's always going to be someone who thinks you're making the wrong choice, no matter what. Make your decision about the best way to raise your child based off of what your family needs most, and try to forget the negative commentary.

5 Reasons Why Homeschooling is Awesome!

There have been many families in the last 10 months that have made or considered making the switch to home schooling, due to the situation with the COVID-19 Pandemic one way or another. Before that, there were plenty of families already enjoying the benefits of learning at home. Here are five of our own personal reasons why we love homeschooling.

reasons we love homeschooling learning at home benefits canada
  1. Homeschooling Means Schedule Freedom

    You know what really sets a day off on a negative note? Rushing around the kitchen to make coffee, pack lunches and snacks, get dressed and ready for your own day as well as your child's, make sure all the forms have been signed, the reading record filled in, the extra socks in the backpack... all the many things involved at a strict schedule that makes your heart pound and your temper snap when time is grinding down and no one's ready to roll.

    Not only that, but their whole day and year revolves around the set structure of a schedule devised to accommodate as many people as possible in the same way. It's a system I'm very thankful exists, and I see so many pros and cons to both situations, but for some families and some times, homeschooling is the right option for their needs. For us, the flexibility to wake up, plan or spontaneously embark on projects, field trips, outdoor adventures, family travel, or anything else when we want, is a very big pro.

  2. Nurturing Your Child's Interests & Individuality

    One thing that makes homeschooling a pro for many families is that is offers the opportunity to support your child's learning in whatever interests them. It's a common understanding that learning about something when it doesn't interest you is incredibly difficult. However, just try to stop a dinosaur-loving 4-year-old from discovering everything they possibly can about prehistoric beasts (and actually be able to explain far more about them than you'll likely retain yourself).

    homeschooling canada benefits

    It's wonderful to be able to encourage what sparks your child's interest and zest for life, but what's an equally important benefit of homeschooling is allowing the space for them to learn more about the people they are. It can be a challenge to navigate the overwhelming level of social input from spending the majority of their time mentally and physically bumping into hundreds of other young, developing humans. The freedom for your child to have a chance to learn and be who they are is a welcome reprieve if you've seen them become less of their own unique self after starting brick and mortar school. Spending more time adjusting to others than learning about who they are first just might not feel right for your child, while learning at home offers more flexibility to choose who, what, and how much influence is available to your child as they learn and grow.

  3. Learn at Home, or Anywhere in the World

    With homeschooling, you can really be anywhere in the world. Learning happens everywhere, in so many ways. You'd be hard pressed to find any situation we couldn't dig into to see what opportunities for learning are present, from picking daisies for a flower crown (counting/numeracy, plant biology, ecosystems, seasons, gardening, food, art, and so on), to sitting in a doctor's office (community, health, medicine, social skills, emotional regulation, empathy, etc) to blowing bubbles (muscle development, biology, air movement, physics, and more). All that sensory input received first-hand, rather than only reading or hearing about it, offers for a much richer learning experience to draw from. (I have to note, the schools I've been involved in as a mother and educator have given me a very positive impression of offering a variety of experiences for the children. Not to say this is unique to learning at home, just important.)

    Combine that rich environment with what your interests are, and you have a fantastic recipe for developing a lifelong love of learning. You could take anything your child is showing an interest in and start mind-mapping your way to many opportunities you could offer in support of your child's learning. For instance, if your child is constantly singing and wanting to listen to or make music, a rough beginning of a mind map of potentials for supporting learning on a variety of topics in that interest might look something like this:
    homeschooling education mind map curriculum planning

    Whether you choose to register as a homeschooling student or enroll with a distance learning program, you can adapt your curriculum to suit what works best for your family at that particular point in time, wherever you want or need to be. 

  4. More Time to Grow Together

    One of the hardest things about sending your child to school for the first time can be all of you adjusting to the drastic change in time together, depending what your routine was like previously. Gaining back that time spent getting to know each other can be a happy benefit for families who the amount of time spent bonding with other people out-weighed the time together.

    benefits of homeschooling reasons canada

  5. Homeschooling Parents Learn at Home, Too.

    How incredible, the opportunity to immerse yourself in learning alongside your child! How often in life are you given the chance to slow down and watch the grass grow? This might even be a literal example, depending on what your child's interests are. Or what your interests are. If something sparks a passion in you for spending time considering, observing, and exploring, follow that lead. When your children see you engaged and in awe as you genuinely enjoy learning about something, it's far more likely they will be drawn to join in and enjoy themselves, creating that positive connection to learning as a part of life.

What are your favourite benefits of homeschooling? There are a lot more than what's listed here. Please share your own insights in the comments below, and don't forget to pop into our shop to see what kinds of supplies we've curated that are either shipped from Canada, or are really awesome and ship to Canada at a relatively reasonable shipping cost. (Don't worry, US citizens - there's a good selection of homeschooling supplies shipped to/from the USA, as well.)

Thank you for visiting, and happy learn-at-home schooling!

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