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Welcome to Learn at Home School Supplies!

Here you can find information, inspiration, and resources to support your homeschooling journey in Canada (where we are proudly based), the United States, and around the world. Find homeschool supplies, connect with other homeschooling families, and spark your passions for learning at home and a growth mindset life, no matter what your age. Reasonable prices and reasonable shipping to Canada for cool educational supports is what we offer.

Canadian Family-Owned and Operated 

This homeschooling resource has been created and operated by myself: Hannah Spray, a fully trained and licensed Early Childhood Educator in Canada.

Some of the roles I have filled over the year include daycare staff, dedicated support worker for children with diverse abilities, preschool teacher, licensed childcare facility manager, Strong Start facilitator, nanny, and most importantly, mom to an incredibly unique and inspiring young human. Because of this experience, I have an solid understanding of what types of homeschooling and educational materials are the most engaging and offer a wide range of benefits to support the growth and development of early learners. 

We need more Canadian businesses!

Full disclosure, right now many of the items in this store are shipped from overseas. Our goal is to build up a collective of local Canadian producers and suppliers, but we're not there yet. If you or someone you know is a Canadian business offering parents, families, and teachers the toys, games, puzzles, instruments, art supplies, and other educational materials to support their educational needs, contact us with the info at the bottom here.

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Want to get inspired for your home learning activities?

Take a look at our blog for inspiration to support your child's learning at home, and if you're looking for materials and supplies to enhance your home learning experiences, you can find all our personal suggestions for meaningful investments in our Shop.

Questions? Want to Chat? Send us an email at info@learnathomeschool.ca or call 1+(250) 221-1521.

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Thank you for visiting the Learn at Home Schooling website and the Learn at Home School Supplies Store! May life be full of glorious learning experiences, no matter the age!